About Us

The Centus Mission:

• To provide a top-tier network of behavioral health services, education, and programs.
• To integrate each client’s questions and concerns about the physical, behavioral, and spiritual self.
• To champion hopeful and healthy living.

Top Tier Mental Health Services

Accredited by the Samaritan Institute, which maintains high standards in the field of counseling, Centus Counseling, Consulting and Education (formerly Samaritan Counseling Center) has provided quality mental health services for over a quarter century. Our community board and staff embrace wholeness through the integration of mind, body, spirit, and community in our counseling  psychotherapy, consultation and education.  All Centus therapists are sensitive to the diverse backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles, and individuality of their clients. Expanding upon their skills as trained, licensed therapists, our clinical staff is attuned to spiritual and interfaith issues, believing in the importance of faith resources in the therapy process and incorporating that into the counseling when appropriate.


Your privacy and confidence are our top priorities. Centus follows all required practices of HIPAA and the State of Colorado to assure privacy for all clients. All Centus clinicians are registered to practice psychotherapy with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and are in good standing.

While many Centus offices are located within churches, Centus is not affiliated with any single religious organization nor do we share information with any denomination. Centus simply receives support and office space from many generous congregations and in doing so, respects and integrates a client’s spirituality when requested.

We Believe…

in Hope
Every person is gifted and strong, and capable of leading a satisfying and fulfilling life.

In Balance
Questions and concerns about the physical, behavioral, and spiritual self are considered together when relevant and requested.

In Individuals
Our services and programs will be tailored to each individual’s unique perspectives.

In Community
Connections with each other support, energize, and strengthen us in all aspects of our work.

In Generosity
We provide access to the best services and programs through the generosity of donors, clinicians, and faith communities.

In Being a Resource
Those with questions find hope through access to confidential, current, and credible resources.