Looking for help?

Centus Counseling provides Individual Counseling, Couples and Family Counseling, and Psychological Assessment.

Counseling can help:
When symptoms or repeated patterns interfere with daily life or relationships
When experiencing mood swings, recurrent depressive feelings, irritability, or irrational fear
When you have had past-life trauma
When you are dealing with chronic pain
When you can’t maintain satisfying relationships

Counseling is beneficial:
When you are looking for personal growth
When you are making a transition, such as a career change or experiencing an empty nest
When you are searching for spiritual awakening
When you are adapting to life’s inevitable disappointments
When you seek to develop a positive world view

Couples/Family Counseling can help:
When going through a transition
In order to overcome obstacles to healthy relationships
In order to deepen understanding prior to marriage
When you or a partner/family member do not feel heard
When ongoing disputes are never resolved
When you are worried about a partner/family member but don’t know how to help

Neuropsychological evaluation for:
Finding possible problems with your brain functioning
Helping lead to a diagnosis
Defining your brain-related strengths and weaknesses
Guiding treatment for your personal, school or work-related needs
Making recommendations to your health care providers
Documenting changes in your functioning over time

Adult Assessment and Therapeutic Assessment:
When looking for diagnosis or treatment recommendations (should I take medication?)
When starting therapy
When making life choices or decisions
In order to understand strengths and weaknesses
In order to understand recurring patterns
When you are worried about some aspect of yourself

Child Assessment:
In order to increase parent, teacher or therapist understanding of the child or adolescent
To explore in depth a child’s developmental progress
To diagnose learning problems or disabilities
Identify obstacles to emotional well-being in children and adolescents and build strong relationships
In order for children and adolescents to build on strengths and maintain self-esteem