2017 Matching Campaign

2017 Matching Campaign

Dear Centus Supporters,

We have received a generous $5000 matching grant challenge to double this amount of funding for the purpose of training Centus clinicians in the most current and effective forms of Trauma Informed Treatment. Your contributions will be matched dollar for dollar! Please see attached flyer and give thoughtful consideration to this opportunity to support the high quality, affordable, spiritually integrated services provided by Centus Counseling.

Our esteemed Clinical Director, Patti Schramm, wrote the following to encourage participation in this campaign: “Centus counselors increasingly see trauma as a presenting problem or underlying issue in many people seeking help today.  Critical incidents, past abuse, assault, injury or even significant losses can interfere with relationships and everyday functioning if not identified and treated properly. While Centus counselors are well-versed in traditional and proven therapeutic methods, advances in neurobiology have opened up new expertise in the etiology and treatment of trauma and related attachment disorders.

Trauma-related alterations to the psyche and reactive behaviors are sometimes embedded in the body and unavailable in a strictly verbal therapeutic approach.  Centus seeks to equip its’ clinical staff with the most current treatment modalities in this area of need in our community. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are among the cutting edge evidence-based approaches which incorporate theory and technique from traditional talk-therapy with body-oriented psychotherapy using body sensation and movement to unlock and heal the wounds of trauma.

As a top tier provider of mental health service delivery in 8 Colorado counties, we strive to serve all walks of life with the best available resources possible. As a not for profit agency, we seek your help in matching this generous offer of donation to enable Centus to offer this expertise to our community.”

Thank you for your faithful support of the vital mission of Centus Counseling!