We champion hopeful, healthy living!

Centus is a top-tier provider of behavioral health services, offering office based, community, and tele-health outpatient therapy, community education, and consultation services in metro Denver and beyond. We take pride in engaging with every client’s questions and concerns about the emotional, physical, relational and spiritual dimensions of their lives. We are champions of hopeful and healthy living!

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Centus Clinicians are all trained in providing outpatient counseling services using a HIPAA compliant video conference format. Recent research confirms that with a few variables that tele-behavioral health outpatient counseling results in outcomes that are as effective as all in-person sessions. Most insurance plans cover this form of treatment.

Special Thanks to…
The Colorado Health Foundation, for a generous grant in 2018-19 to help make this possible.


Whatever the problem, Centus is here to help. Our professional, licensed counselors can help you or your family work through the challenging issues you are facing. Centus specialists have been offering their expertise and personal attention for 38 years.

Anxiety & Depression

Feeling anxious or depressed is a common human experience. Sometimes we need support to understand the source of these feelings. Other times we need tools to cope. People of all ages experience these basic emotions. We are here to help children, teens, and adults of all ages!


The bell curve demonstrates that stress is a normal and necessary part of life. At the top of the curve, we function well and feel energized. When stress becomes too much we either over or under function. Let us help you manage your stress and find renewed energy for your life!


Trauma-Informed Care is a key focus of the support that we offer at Centus Counseling. When you have suffered an emotional shock or a deeply distressing or disturbing experience we are here to help you process the trauma, and find meaning and hope in recovery!


We all seek to cope with the challenges in our lives. Sometimes we turn to alcohol, another substance, or activities that are ultimately harmful to us and those we love. When it feels like you are no longer in control, and addiction is controlling you, we are here to help!

Find out more about how we’re helping Israeli refugee children during the current crisis.

An Awesome Team of Licensed Counselors

At Centus, all our clinicians have specialized training to assist you with the stress and concerns in your life. You can choose from an array of caring, skilled professionals who will support you on a journey of growth, healing and learning. Whether you are seeking therapy as an individual, a couple, or a family, we are confident we can help you move towards a more dynamic and centered life.

We believe that everyone should have access to the very best behavioral health service available.

So do our Community Partners

Our Key Community Sponsors and Donors

We are grateful to these Sponsors and Donors who supported our key program areas of Outpatient Services, School Counseling, Community Education and the Post-Graduate Residency Program in Fiscal Year 2022-2023.  
The Denver Foundation through several Donor Advised Funds
Colorado Access:  $120,862 in support of Outpatient Services
The Shamos Family Foundation:  $60,000 in support of Susan's School Counseling Program
The Anschutz Foundation:  $40,000 in support of The Post-Graduate Residency Program
The Connie Burwell White and William W. White Foundation:  $20,000 in support of the Community Education Program and General Operations
The Melvin and Elaine Wolf Foundation:  $12,500 in support of Susan's School Counseling Program

$10,000 or more

Jenny & Greg Baldwin Charitable Fund
CAPTRUST Community Foundation
HRP Foundation
Sharon and J. Landis Martin
MDC/Richmond American Homes Foundation
UMB Charitable Foundation
Virginia W. Hill Foundation

$5,000 or more

Kelly Arora Ph.D.
Bethany Lutheran Church Foundation
Colorado Trust
Ann Corrigan and The Denver Foundation
Jack & Judith Pottle
Saint John's Cathedral
The Rev. Marilyn Wolfe

$2,500 or more

Marsha Breit
Dr. Paul Bretz
Gregory Movesian and Jack Finlaw
Lyndia K. and Cannon Harvey
Patricia Long
Merrill Shields

$1,000 or more

Nancy and John Battilega
Lawrence and Margaret Byrne
Joy Dinsdale
Ronni McCaffrey and B Frank
Elisabeth and Peter Jacobson
Montview Presbyterian Church
Northeast Health Partners
Beth Pannbacker
Sofia Pedraza
Geoffrey Shamos
Ramsay and Holly Stabler
Dr. Laura and The Rev Dr. Peter Terpenning
Wellshire Presbyterian Church
James M. Wilkins
Sara and Kaakpema Yelpaala

$500 or more

Jane and John Baker
Nadine Cochran
Robert Edwards
Emily Haller
Kathy Hulse
Iliff School of Technology
Julie Judson
Chevis F. Horne and Jan Kavenaugh
Nancy Kearney
Suzanne Killmer
John Magoto State Farm
Sarah Obregon
Jessica and Jeffery Pearson
Karen Salvatore
Leslie Sidell
The Presbytery of Denver
Elizabeth Denham Thompson
Penny and Dennis Troutman
University Park United Methodist Church
Christine White

$250 or more

Kirsten and Eric Barnard
Randall & Jeffery Bellows
The Hon. Karen Brody
Susan Calonge
Liane Clasen
Jane Davis
J’Ne and Paul Day-Lucore
Margaret and Robert Fullerton
Patti Marks
Maeve McGrath
Susan Noble
Laurie Pechie
Deanna Person
Gregory Robbins
E. Jane & Price Schmitz
Janet White

up to $249

Susan and Greg Geissler
Arlyn Baak
Helen Barron
Brian Bishop
Krista Boscoe
Anne Byrne
Debbie Colgan
Katharine Culbertson
Kelly Dignan
Polly Donald
James East
Robin Finegan
Marsha Harman
David Hay
Cynthia Heller
Barbara Herbal-Hendricks
Elizabeth High
Peter Hulac
Richard Jaworowski
Cody Jenson
Kimberly Johnson
Katherine Lilly Koch
Roxanne Koehler
Jason Kozicki
Dorothy Lamm
The Rev. James Laurie and The Rev. Jane Vennard
Sollita Lucero
Susan Madison
Mary Mancinelli
Janet and Bob Manning
Barbara Mattison
Walter McCoy
Kristine Meyer
Natalie Gart Mohan
Mark Morrison
Kent Mueller
Adriana Murphy
Robert Oursler
Nilesh Patel
Julie Pribble
Celeste and Hal Richardson
The Rev. RJ and Ruth E. Ross
Richard Sawdey
Jean Simonton
Kirsten Swart
Pat and Ed Van Bramer
Kenneth Van Riper
Irit Waldbaum
Cindy Wells
Christine Wester
Deborah Williams
Kathleen Winsor-Games
Brooke Young